Hostiner Review 2022

Business Booster for your Website

As your search for a reliable webhosting service gets tougher due to the wide range of choices, we review Hostinger

Hosting is a vital decision!

Choosing a Webhosting service is a vital decision because the result of all the hard work that is put in designing and developing your website will depend heavily on the quality of the Webhosting service. The Webhosting service has to provide an excellent uptime along with a few additional features that make you rely on it without much hassle.

As your search for a reliable webhosting service gets tougher due to the wide range of choices, we review Hostinger as one of the leading web hosting company. If you’ve been considering Hostinger to be the place where your website will live for the next few years then this review is apt for you.


Web Hosting Features

If you’ve been considering Hostinger to be the place where your website will live go through the features.

  1. Speed – fast load time and uptime: The load time and response time is satisfactory when you choose Hostinger as your Webhosting service provider.  The load time should ideally be under two seconds. If it exceeds then the bounce rate rises as your visitor leaves after viewing only one page. Hostinger servers perform quite well and when tested at different locations they perform efficiently. The speed of the Hostinger server will have your website up without interruptions.
  1. WordPress specific: Companies heavily rely on WordPress as a reliable platform to develop their website since it is an effective content management system. It is simple, has robust plugins with many themes to choose from. WordPress is easier to customize to your business type. Hostinger has WordPress specific plans with support options and one-click installation. You can choose from Single, Starter, Business and Pro plans.  If you are using WooCommerce then the business plan is just apt for you.

When you decide to go ahead with a shared plan these are some interesting features:

  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Free domain name
  • Security features – daily backups and free SSL certificates
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  1. Own website builder- Zyro Aimed at real beginners and keeping its features simple Hostinger has added an additional service – a website builder called Zyro. Zyro gives a holistic experience to the users, allowing them to build a complete website within no time. It includes auto-generate content, seamless designs and many more features that make Hostinger a preferred website hosting service provider.
  1. Shared Webhosting: Shared web hosting keeps your website live on a server along with other websites. It means that the site shares a single server thus, the web hosting cost is reduced. This can be a blessing for small businesses that find it tough to choose from the regular plans.
  1. Cloud Webhosting: Hostinger has combined the best of VPS and Shared Hosting to offer exclusive Cloud Hosting Plans. The features that are worth mentioning are:
  • 24×7 dedicated support
  • Seamless backend
  • Free daily backup
  • SSL for life
  • Embedded Cloudflare protection

Hostinger is a comprehensive web hosting service provider that is apt for different kinds and scales of businesses.

  1. Customer service: This feature is something that you cannot compromise on. In case of challenges and issues that you cannot resolve without guidance, it would be ideal to get support from the company. Let us assure you that Hostinger’s customer service is brilliant. You don’t have to worry about getting endlessly strangled about any issue. The support team is always available. The support team responds immediately on live chat too. Their team is patient, knowledgeable and fun too. If you are too troubled, they not only assist you to fix the problem step by step but relieve you off the tension by communicating with gifs and emojis.
  1. User experience  User experience not only draws more customers to a product /service but also attracts repeat customers. Hostinger strongly believes in this maxim. Thus, it provides a unique user experience that the customers just love. They are:
  • Uptime guarantee
  • SSD hardware
  • Custom-built cash manager

You would be surprised to know that it publicly gives information on the server’s performance. This includes uptime data for the past week and month along with uptime data for the last 24 hours.

  1. Simple dashboard: Hostinger provides a simple dashboard that is easy to use.  A commendable job by the UX team – in the complicated tech world, designing something that makes the life of users easy and hassle-free is a blessing and an achievement. It is intuitive and customized to the needs of users. Its categories are based on the features, well designed with minimalistic icons. Even someone with no experience will be able to use hPanel – Hostinger’s custom dashboard effectively.
  1. Free domain: If you are new to the world of website designing, developing and creating to start your website you first have to buy a domain name and pay for web hosting. At times tiny expenses like these add up and hurt our business especially if you have just launched it. We strongly believe that Hostinger is doing wonders for new entrepreneurs by providing free domain.
  1. Unlimited features- websites, bandwidth and email:  Now let’s delve a bit into the Premium Plans that are impressive owing to these unique features:
  • Unlimited Websites:  When you have a single account Hostinger still allows you to build as many websites as you can or possibly plan in future.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: With Hostinger Premium you don’t have to worry about site downtime in case of unusually high traffic. You can cater to unlimited customers thus, it is a great feature for e-commerce websites.
  • Unlimited Email: Small businesses are loaded with expenses especially when they begin and when you launch a website email service it can add to your costs. Though there isn’t much to worry when you choose the Premium Plan, as it offers unlimited email addresses to suit various needs. These are all hosted with unlimited SSD storage. What more can you ask for? All in all, Hostinger offers unique features that benefit and suit small businesses. Though undeniably it gives unique features for big businesses that can truly support their scale.


Now that we have considered all the features that Hostinger offers there should not be an iota of doubt that it is the best web hosting service provider for your business.